"...designs that nobody else will own."

Here at PELL, I offer a service that enables me to create a personalised piece of artwork for you and you only. You've been searching for some elegant artwork to add to your newly furnished place; frustratingly you cannot find what you're looking for. This is where I come in, to help you complete your interior project.
The Process: 
  • Initial Consultation: (£25) I will have an initial consultation with you to discuss the room, colour sample options, and concepts. This not only gives me a chance to understand what colours & styles you might like, it means I get to know you. This is very important! You can stick any 'pretty print' up on the wall, but that's not why you are here...you are here to ensure that this piece of art means something to you when you look at it. 
  • Mood boards: From our consultation, I will create a mood board that will present colour samples, styling images, canvas sizing options, and pricing for you to choose from. 
  • Order: You like what you see and you decide to place an order with PELL (always grateful!). From here, I will write up an order form, outlining the details of your painting along with an invoice for the work. We have a range of payment plans to offer you, making this as flexible as possible. 
  • Creation: I give myself four weeks to produce your painting from canvas construction. I'll give you updates along the way, sending photographs of the progress. 
  • Completion: I hit the point in the process where I say 'enough, stop right there!' On completion, I will send you clear photos presenting your final painting. 
  • Delivery: I currently hand deliver paintings in and around the Bristol area however, if you are ordering outside the Bristol/Bath area, I will review delivery options and costs with you at the order stage with a trusted courier (UPS). 
  • Final Photography: Your gorgeous painting has arrived and is now up on the wall in your home or business space. I do ask for photographs to use on my portfolio and website/social media if the client is happy for me to do so. 


Prices start from £150, depending on the size of the canvas. I can also source/make local handmade frames if the client is interested in this option at the time of order. The consultation fee is £25, which covers 1hr consultation plus one styling mood board. Prices of delivery depend on the location and canvas size (this can be calculated at the order form stage if needed).