I N I T I A L  T H O U G H T S.

The beginning of my thoughts and progresses, put down onto paper (or in this case on a blog) as a way of documenting my artistic and entrepreneurial journey. 


H E L L O.

If you haven't read my 'Story' page already, my name is Phoebe; the founder of PHOEBE ET LA LUNE. I created this studio to start building a creative conversation whilst designing interior pieces for people to enjoy and use in their homes and spaces. When I say conversation, this is what I hope to build over time.


Real, progressive conversation.


At present, it just involves me and the lovely clients who have so far trusted me to design and make a perfect piece of personalised artwork. Each month, I plan on writing a journal, an insight into PELL and it's developments. I figured in the future, I can look back at these and see what clients have chosen.  


W H Y?

I had hit a point in my career where I wasn't being creatively challenged, in an industry I had trained incredibly hard for; this one was much more technical. I learned some great skills about building design and worked with some talented people, however, I'd get frustrated at the lack of creative confidence in myself, as well as yearning for a more optimistic attitude towards 'a career'.


I had made a new contact in my research called Teresa, an interior designer in Bristol, who would let me draw interior illustrations for her schemes. The aim was to give her clients an artistic image that could help them visualise her final designs in their homes. She gave a wonderful insight into an industry I had always loved. To this day, I still work with her on her beautiful schemes and appreciate her work and friendship.


March 2020: Covid 19 had reached the UK and the changes in working did nothing but emphasise my thoughts on building my creative confidence. As horrendous as the pandemic was becoming, I turned to drawing and painting for comfort. It was something easy for me to do whilst in lockdown. I felt very lucky to be able to escape just by having a paintbrush in my hand. 


July 2020: my cousin's baby turned 1; I painted an elephant using watercolour paints and framed it as a gift to hang in his nursery. I took progress shots as this cute figure began to emerge on the page and send them to a curious friend. Her words were like a lightbulb moment: "Phoebs, you could sell these!" Hmmm ... the lightbulb was dim, but it was certainly switched on. 


2021: It would be another 9-10 months before plans started to fall into place, enabling me to leave my job. It would take a promotion to force me to hand in my notice earlier than expected. I certainly didn't want to insult the company or mess them around; they had taught me so much but I was very ready for a change. 


I needed to be working for myself and I needed to be creatively challenged. 


PHOEBE ET LA LUNE was born. 

 'Gabriel's elephant'.

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